cardigan MACADAMIA
    cardigan MACADAMIA
    cardigan MACADAMIA
    cardigan MACADAMIA
    cardigan MACADAMIA

    cardigan MACADAMIA

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    The MACADAMIA cardigan is a unique piece. Entirely hand knitted with mixed alpaca thread, it's a soft and warm piece, that will match perfectly with a jean, a skirt or over a dress.

    Colour : Off-white, sand, pecan, greg

    VACANCIER sweaters are hand-knitted which makes each sweater unique.

    Composition and manufacture:

    65% Alpaca, 28% Polyamide, 7% wool, yarn spun in Peru.

    This sweater hand knitted in Paris, the fancy stitches, the finishes and the assembly are done by hand. For this model, the manufacturing time is approximately 12 hours.

    Maintenance tips :

    To avoid damaging your sweater prematurely, do not wash it too often, try to space out the washes, remembering to ventilate your sweater.

    Favor hand washing in cold water with special wool detergent, without fabric softener. Gently wring your sweater in a towel without twisting it and let your sweater dry flat. If you want to wash your sweater in the machine, select the delicate/wool mode, cold or at 20° maximum (beyond this, you risk felting or shrinking your sweater) with a delicate spin cycle (no more than 400 revolutions) then leave your sweater to dry flat. Tumble dryer prohibited .

    If you want to iron your sweater, do it at low temperature , on the back of the sweater, placing a fabric between the soleplate of the iron and the garment.

    One size :

    Chest width: 52 cm

    Bottom width of garment: 46 cm

    Total height: 51 cm

    Sleeve length: 50 cm


    If you have any questions, write to me at :)