The story behind VACANCIER


( VACANCIER means "vacationer" in french ;) )



VACANCIER, is an ode to packing your holiday suitcase. Taking the bare minimum, a dress, a sweater, the essentials in which you feel good and are ready to stock up on memories.
VACANCIER knits are designed like this : sweaters that take you on a journey, bringing up memories of ski holidays, sunny beaches, countryside, winter, summer, trips to the mountain...

All the pieces available on the site are knitted in Paris. Some pieces are available in very (veryyyy) limited quantities, because that's also what holiday memories are : unique objects that we cherish for a lifetime .


Holidaymakers in La Baule Les Pins, Diane Kurys





Graduated from a fashion design school and specialized in knitwear, I make the sweaters available to order on this site myself :). Each sweater is knitted on a machine, the fancy stitches, the finishes and the assembly are hand made, all under the Parisian sun!

I like to imagine each knias a timeless piece that we will want to wear season after season, so I carefully choose cuts and stitches that are part of this approach. For the materials, I am committed to offering you sweaters made of noble yarns , of superior quality, which will last over time and will be pleasant to wear.

These sweaters are also a way for me to pay tribute and to perpetuate craftsmanship : handmade knitting and crocheting, a know-how passed on to me by my grandmother when I was little and a passion for creation that never left me.




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