During my last year of studies, I decided to specialize in knitwear design and to reconnect with one of my favorite hobbies : knitting. During this year, I refined my knowledge, learned more complicated stitches and more finishes, and above all I discovered the knitting machine (a small revolution to me !).

With my degree and all these techniques learned over the years, I kept on knitting, for my own pleasure and by passion. During this time, I did several internships as a stylist assistant and even though it fascinated me, I mostly felt frustrated. It took me quite some time to figure out where it came from, but then I realized : I didn't just want to imagine the clothes and send instructions for someone else to make them, in large quantities. I wanted to make them, with my hands. What I like the most, in the end, is that each piece is thought out and handmade, with the greatest care, each of them is the fruit of several hours of work. And that's what I wanted to do with VACANCIER : to offer knitwear with infinite stitch combinations, with materials and colors that never offer the same rendering, creation and craftsmanship , without limits. 

But to make it a brand, I faced a big problem: how can I create handmade sweater myself, and sell them at a fair price ?



Hand knitting is very time-consuming , it takes between 40 and 60 hours for a sweater , depending on the complexity of the stitches and the knitting speed, among other things... It then seemed complicated to me to offer this kind of product. And on the other hand, I also didn't want to offer knitwear made with industrial machines, as many other brands already do so, and even if I wanted to, this type of machine are very expensive (and takes up a lot of space). After months of turning the problem around, trying, testing, failing, I finally found an alternative that reconciles my love for hand knitting and the speed of machine knitting to offer you knits in very small series.

I knit most of the sweater on a family machine, then the fancy and slightly more technical stitches, the assembly and the finishes are handmade to offer you very soft, beautiful and warm knits ♥️ (and if you read this in summer, I also plan to adapt to the seasons by offering lighter knits ✌🏻 - but everything in its time)