Sun, love and sea

Shellfish, crustaceans, sailors, divers, the big blue, waves, swell, sailboats, Tabarly, Mayol, Colas, Falco, Moitessier. These first models are inspired by the sea and the men who have ventured there ⚓️🌊🐚
The marine world have been inspiring me for a long time. First the beaches, those of Saint-Malo and Morbihan. Then the Mediterranean coasts, too. Slowly, something clicked in my head, I watched the Big Blue again, documentaries, on Eric Tabarly, on Alain Colas, on Eric Tabarly's boats, and then on Eric Tabarly's boat bought by Alain Colas that disappeared at sea: Manureva .
In front of these documentaries, paper and pencil in hand, I drew sweaters, dozens of sweaters, blue, white, navy blue, a few orange ones, too. Then I thought about all of these drawings, I turned them in all directions, to choose the models that I liked the most, those that told a story, the most timeless, and those that above all, were feasible.
Today, two models are released: the Falco and Mayol sweaters.
The Falco owes its name to Albert Falco, a diver from Marseille, who became captain of the Calypso, Jacques-Yves Cousteau's ship. It's an alpaca sweater, soft and warm, it has a wide cut, its entirely hand-knitted bib is available in several versions, in ribs or cables depending on the color. It's a versatile sweater that can be worn open or closed in stormy weather.
The Mayol , meanwhile, pays tribute to the famous freediver who inspired Luc Besson's film. It is a sweater with a wide neckline and a large collar, as found on sailors' jackets. Also in mixed Alapaga, soft and warm for winter days and summer evenings by the sea.