Summer of Love



This new VACANCIER collection is inspired by the end of the 60s and the hippie movement which reached its peak there.
This collection is filled with pastel colors, floral stitches, crochet details and openwork knits. It is inspired by Robin Wright in Forrest Gump, Jane Birkin in Les chemins de Katmandou, Jean Shrimpton , Twiggy , Papas & Mamas, Scott McKenzie 's song and the 3 days of the legendary Woodstock festival 🌸
For this collection, I wanted to have pieces with sixties inspirations, little trapeze dresses , tops crocheted with the 'granny square' technique, mohair sweaters in soft colors , in short, pieces to welcome spring and get through the summer!


As with each VACANCIER collection, the pieces are crocheted and knitted by hand and with a knitting machine, under the Paris sun . The yarns chosen are mainly composed of natural & noble materials : mohair, cotton, wool. Some of the yarns (those in mohair) are manufactured by one of the last French spinning and dyeing factories still in operation and labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.
Some dresses from past summers are available again, the Dolce Vita dress or the Cinecittà , because that's what VACANCIER wants: to create knitwear that we will wear year after year, summer after summer ✹


The pieces in this collection are mainly available to order with a lead time. For a small brand like VACANCIER , this avoids having too much stock to manage, and it's nicer for the planet because only the necessary quantities are made, there is no surplus . Availability is specified on each product sheet: in stock , the part is shipped within 48 hours ; when there is a production time , this means that your piece must be knitted/crocheted, and it then takes around 2 weeks between placing your order and shipping it :). Another advantage of made to order is that it fits everyone : if no size suits you, the custom option is also available :)
This new collection is waiting for you, and I hope you like it 🌼
Summer of Love