La Madrague



La Madrague is nostalgia for the end of summer, the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping.
It is of course also the famous house of Brigitte Bardot, in Saint-Tropez, but above all for me it is a certain idea of ​​a holiday home. .
My grandparents' house for example, where I spent the holidays several times a year when I was little. It's the white plastered walls, the stone fireplace that lights up in the winter time and the brown leather sofa on which sits a blanket crocheted by my grandmother.
La Madrague is my idea of ​​the abandoned house at the end of summer, where everything becomes calm again and the fireplace begins to crackle.
These are warm colors, comforting materials and vintage cuts made for spending a cozy winter by the fire, already dreaming of the following summer.
As with each VACANCIER collection, the pieces are knitted by hand and on a knitting machine, under the Parisian sun . The yarns chosen are mainly composed of natural & noble materials : mohair, wool, alpaca and cotton. Furthermore, still in this approach of choosing the best possible materials and perpetuating artisanal know-how , some of the yarns (those in mohair) are manufactured by the Fonty spinning mill, one of the last French spinning and dyeing factories still in operation and labeled Living Heritage Company.
Certain pieces from past seasons are also reissued, such as the LAGOMAR sweater or the PENNY shorts, a way for me to further affirm VACANCIER 's desire to create pieces that we will love season after season .


The pieces in this collection are mainly available to order with a lead time. For a small brand like VACANCIER , this avoids having too much stock to manage, and it is nicer for the planet because only the necessary quantities are made, there is no surplus . Availability is specified on each product sheet: in stock , the part is shipped within 48 hours ; when there is a production time , this means that your piece must be knitted/crocheted, and it then takes around 2 to 3 weeks between placing your order and shipping it :). Another advantage of made to order is that it fits everyone : if no size suits you, the custom option is also available :)

There you go, you know everything about this new collection, if you want to discover it, click here and I hope you like it :)